Our Customers

We accompany our customers which operate in various line of business to transform their business processes to digital with an improved employee experience.

SOCAR Turkey strengthens digital communication and employee interaction by gathering all group companies and employees from different locations under Juno.
SOCAR SP On-Premises
SOCAR 5000+
SOCAR Energy
Success Story
Abdi İbrahim, one of the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world with over a century of experience, strengthened its employee communication with Juno.
SP Online
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Kapital Bank, the largest financial institution in Azerbaijan, operates its communication and business processes on a single platform with Juno.
Kapital Bank SP On-Premises
Kapital Bank 4500+
Kapital Bank Banking
Offering quality-oriented health services with its century-long know-how and experience, Vehbi Koç Foundation Health Institutions digitalized employee communication with Juno.
SP Online
Health Care
Turkish Ytong, which operates in partnership with German Ytong and is among the world's leading aerated concrete producers with its high production volume, digitalizes employee communication and business processes with Juno.
Türk Ytong SP Online
Türk Ytong 480+
Türk Ytong Building Materials
Anadolu Isuzu uses Juno Employee App for employee communication and digitalization of business processes.
Anadolu Isuzu SP Online
Anadolu Isuzu 900+
Anadolu Isuzu Automotive
Success Story
Established in 2010, Azerbaijan’s leading life insurance company PASHA Life transferred its corporate culture to digital with Juno.
SP Online
Logo, Turkey's largest local enterprise software company, supported employee engagement and communication with Juno.
Logo SP Online
Logo 900+
Logo Software
One of the world's leading institutions in mobile network planning, management solutions, P.I. Works prefers Juno for internal communication.
P.I. Works SP Online
P.I. Works 400+
P.I. Works Telecommunications
Turkey's pioneering and innovative software company Mikro Grup digitalized the interaction and communication with its 6 group companies via Juno.
Mikro Grup SP Online
Mikro Grup 490+
Mikro Grup Computer Software
Entek Elektrik, one of the key players in Turkey in renewable energy and electricity production areas, preferred Juno to digitalize its workflows and increase employee interaction.
SP Online
Electric Power Generation
Leading company in the automotive industry with 45 years of experience and 100% domestic production ability, TKG Automotive preferred Juno for internal comms.
SP Online
Plus Tooling, giving service in mold production in the automotive industry using its advanced engineering and production technologies, preferred Juno to strengthen its communication with employees.
SP Online
Odaş Energy, one of the fastest-growing companies in the energy and mining sector, preferred Juno Employee App as employee communication and interaction platform.
SP Online
Energy & Mining
Operating as one of the world's leading companies in the furniture components industry, AGT manages communication and interaction with all its employees from a single point with Juno.
AGT SP Online
AGT 1200+
AGT Furniture
Success Story
Dinçer Logistics, one of the most preferred logistics companies in Turkey, manages the communication with office and field employees from a single point with Juno Employee App.
Dinçer Lojistik SP Online
Dinçer Lojistik 450+
Dinçer Lojistik Logistics
Zorluteks, one of the leading companies in home textile with its production facilities, marketing company and world-famous brands, digitized its business processes and employee engagement with Juno.
zorluteks-en SP Online
zorluteks-en 4500+
zorluteks-en Textiles
Şenpiliç, which is among the top 100 companies in Turkey, prefers Juno in the fields of internal communication and digitization of business processes.
Şenpiliç SP Online
Şenpiliç 700+
Şenpiliç Food
Golf Dondurma, one of Turkey's leading ice cream producers, maintains communication and interaction with all its employees with Juno.
Gold Dondurma EN SP Online
Gold Dondurma EN 370+
Gold Dondurma EN Food & Beverage
Elor Holding strengthens digital communication with Juno in its specialized companies in different locations and sectors and gathers digital platforms in a single point.
Elor Holding SP Online
Elor Holding 1200+
Elor Holding Holding Company
Evyap, one of Turkey's largest and most well-established personal care and hygiene, communicates with its more than 4000 employees through the Juno Employee App.
SP Online
Selfcare & Hygiene
Having 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, Fuga Mobilya increases productivity by digitizing its business processes with Juno.
Fuga Mobilya SP Online
Fuga Mobilya 100
Fuga Mobilya Furniture
Rovenma, a technology company with R&D, engineering and production capabilities, has moved employee communication and interaction to digital with the Juno Employee App.
Rovenma SP Online
Rovenma 60
Rovenma Technology
TAA Legal, a successful law firm operating for more than 50 years, has automated its business processes and facilitated follow-up with Juno.
TAA Legal EN SP Online
TAA Legal EN 10
TAA Legal EN Law Practice